Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wedding Accommodations

Hey all. It's starting to get closer than I realized to the big day so I wanted to explain some things about the hotel choices we have listed on the blog. First, since so many people have family in/live in/are visiting friends in Winston-Salem, we decided not to reserve a big block of rooms at any hotel. Most people we talked to seemed to already know where they wanted to stay. Feel free to stay wherever you like that fits your budget. That said, I know there are lots of you out there who don't know where you want to stay yet so here's the deal on hotel locations.

The wedding site is approximately 35-40 minutes from Winston-Salem. So those hotels are listed for people who want to visit family or friends in Winston or just want that as a home base. Just be aware that being in Winston means a decent drive after the reception.

The hotels in Elkin/Jonesville are about 10-15 minutes (I haven't driven it myself yet, but have been told) away from the reception site, so that would be a much easier commute. Please be aware that there are no taxi's available from the vineyard because of sketchy reputations being reported from the event coordinator. We're investigating a car service that would goto the Elkin accommodations, but don't count on that for the moment. There are also some Bed and Breakfasts around the area you should feel free to checkout.

Either way we advise that you find a designated driver and stick to it if you are planning on indulging. Some of the roads to the site are pretty curvy and not well lit so things could get dangerous very quickly.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us: We're starting to get excited as it gets so close! See you all soon!


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